Reasons Why Medical Credentialing is Important

January 17, 2023

Credentialing ensures medical practitioners meet the criteria for licensed practice in a state or country. It is also meant to ensure unqualified medical professionals do not harm patients.

A study in 2016 showed that an estimated 251 000 deaths are caused by medical errors annually, making it the third leading cause of death in the United States. This staggering statistic emphasizes the need for proper medical credentialing for healthcare providers more than ever. 

However, there are more reasons which we will share with you in this post.

Why is Credentialing Important?

Medical Credentialing Enhances Patient Trust

Trust is an essential factor that can influence the quality of care a patient receives and their decision-making. If a patient trusts you as a medical practitioner, they are more likely to cooperate and follow your advice. The result of this trust is a quality level of care for the patient. 

With proper credentialing, patients can trust that you've been adequately trained and certified in your field of practice. Since medical credentialing contributes to the quality of patient care, it should be a priority for all healthcare professionals.

Medical Credentialing Establishes Your Professionalism

It is to your advantage to show evidence of your professionalism in a field of work that can be unforgiving. Proof of your professionalism can be found in your medical credentialing. A well-written medical credentialing document demonstrates your integrity and professionalism as a physician, surgeon, or other healthcare professional.

Even though filling and filing these documents may be tedious, it is worth the effort. However, with FloatCare, you can quickly fill out the forms online. This means you will be able to meet the requirements needed to obtain medical credentialing with ease.

It Prevents Revenue Loss

Partnership with insurance carriers is crucial for any medical establishment. Healthcare professionals are required to produce certain verifications before they can be considered for any refund.

If a healthcare professional fails to acquire appropriate credentialing, it can result in the insurance provider not refunding the medical establishment that bills the healthcare practitioner. Assuming a medical facility allows a practitioner to deliver service before credentialing, the insurance company can defer the payment of the medical establishment to compensate for the services provided.

Due to the limited timeframe, the medical office runs the risk of losing thousands of dollars that may not be recouped from the insurer.

Medical Credentialing Reduced the Risks of Medical Error

It is estimated that 251,000 people die in the US every year because of medical errors. This astounding figure highlights the necessity for proper credentialing for healthcare practitioners.

Medical errors are hard to control, but they are manageable if proper medical credentialing is employed. Medical credentialing assures that a practitioner is meeting all the requirements to practice in a healthcare facility. 

Medical credentialing will also help to ensure incompetent people are sieved out during the hiring process. Any medical practitioner that fails to obtain appropriate credentials can be considered a liability to healthcare and should not be employed.

It Ensures You Have Adequate Staff Levels

Credentialing can be an essential way to ensure your team has the required staffing levels to serve your community. 

It is advisable for medical staff candidates who were not hired through a job placement company (that would assist them with credentialing) to begin their medical credentialing process as soon as possible. The process could take as long as four months. Consider distributing a credentialing packet to all new hires as a way to help ease the transition. It will guide them through their application process.

A good HR department will monitor the status of medical credentialing for all candidates to identify any hurdles that would delay an employee's onboarding.

Medical Credentialing Offers Competitive Advantage

When the decision to use a healthcare provider arises, patients will always seek out the best quality care. Quality care is often found in medical credentialing. Since patients can trust that you are qualified and have met all the standards for practicing in a medical facility, you are easily granted more business.

Providers can use credentialing on their website or other marketing materials to highlight the qualifications and experience of physicians on their roaster.

Don't Let Credentialing Hinder Your Practice

If you are a healthcare provider looking to acquire medical credentialing in a limited period, you can easily do so online. FloatCare offers simple and easy solutions for obtaining medical credentialing. All forms can be filled and submitted electronically within our platforms. 

Has it been a while since you updated your credentialing documents? If you think it is time to update your medical credentialing, FloatCare can help! Our platform will help you keep track of your medical credentialing records. Sign up today and get started! 

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