Secure Messaging Solutions for Physicians

January 17, 2023

How secure is your messaging platform? Is your messaging platform HIPAA compliant? If you cannot answer these questions, you should be fully aware that your patient data is at risk.

The rise of new media makes it a challenge to know which channels are secure and which aren't. 

According to the Healthcare Blog, there are more aspects to complying with local laws and regulations than you may realize. For instance, some may lead to expensive lawsuits, whereas others may be illegal. There is a thin line between what is legal and unethical. 

Therefore, physicians must know more about the security of their business messaging solutions to avoid jeopardizing patient privacy and leading to expensive litigation.

What is Secure Messaging for Physicians?

Secure messaging for physicians ensures physicians and patients can communicate through a secure network. Physicians can collaborate with other physicians, nurses, and members of the patient care team in real-time. The result is improved clinical workflows, maintaining patient privacy, and improving the safety and care of your organization.

Secure messaging requires a secure messaging portal and end-to-end encryption to ensure that all transmitted information is protected and safe. That's why FloatCare's secure messaging solutions are HIPAA compliant and provide the best user experience.

Why is Secure Messaging Solutions for Physicians Important?

Secure Messaging for Physicians is HIPAA-compliant. While many popular messaging apps and services consumers use offer encryption, they do not have the interoperability and flexibility required in a healthcare environment or meet the strict data and information protection standards. 

Conforming consistently to these regulations can prove challenging.

Many organizations lack a standard set of policies and procedures to govern messaging services or approved devices. Also, many physicians are not aware that their consumer messaging services lack appropriate safeguards. 

Furthermore, workflows are increasingly dependent on exchanging protected health information (PHI) such as prescriptions, images, tests results, and more among mobile care teams. 

A typical consumer app cannot work with clinical directories and databases while maintaining the appropriate level of privacy and security. 

It is, therefore, necessary to have a secure messaging platform that is HIPAA compliant and designed specifically for messaging in healthcare.

Who is Responsible for Secure Messaging Solutions for Physicians?

Healthcare organizations must establish and maintain policies and procedures to govern all messaging services and approved devices used throughout the organization.

The physician must also make sure that the communication is always compliant with local laws and regulations.

Save Time, and Stay Compliant with FloatCare

Privacy breaches can lead to loss of public confidence and damage your reputation. This can lead to costly lawsuits, settlements, higher insurance costs, and ineffective audits in the long run. 

HIPAA compliance is not optional; it's mandatory. And it is a huge time-suck.

At FloatCare, we are transforming the quality of life of healthcare professionals worldwide. Our secure messenger offers an easy way to communicate with your team on the go without ads and trackers while remaining HIPAA compliant and avoiding SMS fees.

All messages are end-to-end encrypted, which ensures that patient information is not compromised. We take privacy seriously and never distribute your data.

FloatCare messaging solution also allows you to have patients' online appointments, securely message other physicians, sync with electronic health records (EHR), schedule text reminders to patients, and streamline your workflow. Overall, our solution saves you time and money.

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