Advantages of a Secure Messaging App in Healthcare

January 17, 2023

The healthcare industry has evolved in its technology, and several platforms for communications have emerged, mobile apps being at the forefront of this evolution. 

We can no longer rely on old-fashioned and insecure communications. Healthcare organizations, medical practices, and insurance companies have increasingly adopted secure messaging apps for internal communication.

Secure messaging applications are designed to be HIPAA compliant in a similar way to instant messaging solutions for consumers. This enables employees to share confidential, sensitive patient information without worrying about data theft, security breaches, or noncompliance with regulations.  

Efficiency is the key to healthcare organizations' success. You cannot allow a poor communication procedure to slow down processes with hundreds of patients to serve.

Public address systems and pagers are dated. Nowadays, within a healthcare environment, employees must communicate with their peers within a secure environment.

Health care professionals must comply with HIPAA to protect patients' confidential information.

Your hospital, practice, or healthcare office will run more efficiently by implementing a secure messaging app while gaining the following tangible benefits:

Full compliance

In recent amendments to HIPAA rules, instant messaging is essential. Non-compliant hospitals and healthcare providers face a $50k fine for a single offense and up to $1.5m for repeat offenses.

A secure messaging app will give you a safe and efficient way of communicating with your team – vital for healthcare, ensuring full compliance for your hospital, practice, or healthcare office. 

It offers a user-friendly instant messenger system that makes it easy to share confidential information by simply tapping on the screen.

Improved productivity and streamlined workflow

A secure messaging app reduces communication costs while improving communication technologies. 

Your communication with clients, patients, and staff will be more efficient using this communication method rather than phone, pagers, or email. Employees can share sensitive information like patient X-rays, charts, prescribed medications, and more.  

This allows your staff to optimize their time on tasks that make your practice profitable. They don't have to send lengthy emails any longer, and they use the messaging app, which gets their point across quicker.


With a secure messaging app, your healthcare organization will cut costs and enhance efficiency in several ways. The most obvious is, most secure messaging apps ensure employees can download the software directly to their mobile devices. This means you don't have to spend money outfitting your staff with new mobile devices or purchasing additional hardware. 

Choose a platform enabled and compatible with iOS and Android to ensure that everyone on staff has unrestricted access to messaging.

Are you looking for a dependable, secure messaging app? FloatCare can help.

At FloatCare, we understand the importance of doing things fast and efficiently for hospitals, doctors, and healthcare organizations. Our solution is a secure, user-friendly messaging solution that is HIPAA-compliant and facilitates internal communication.

Float Care takes your privacy seriously and never shares your information. Our Messenger app makes it easy to communicate and stay HIPAA compliant while avoiding SMS fees while maintaining easy access to your team on the go.

Take action now, and upgrade your internal communication. Contact us today to discover how our secure, HIPAA-compliant Messaging App can help your organization.

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