Referral Management


FloatCare’s Referral Management Solution optimizes your patient care, unburdens your practice with inefficient processes, and reduces your patient leakage. We make referrals simple and easy with an automated system and a user-friendly dashboard. To optimize care, we provide the platform and the opportunity for providers to connect so that patients can get the treatments and screenings they need. We do not just close the loop by securing the appointments from one provider to another; we also bridge the care gap from uncoordinated referrals that could impact patient health outcomes. Referral Management Tools All In One Place It is a continuity of care by giving you the tools to find the right specialist for your patients, obtain the treatments under their care plan, and ensure care at the critical moment that could mean a change in diagnosis or a complication in the patient’s condition. We automate referrals and complete handoffs 100% of the time. Requesting reports is easy and can be done on the fly. Providers can easily follow through with their patient’s appointments to ensure their care is uninterrupted. Our software also includes a secure messaging platform for easy communication among providers while remaining HIPAA compliant. All these tools are just in one place allowing you to accomplish more by doing less. Join Our Growing Network Our provider’s listing is continually growing which means improved patient access to care and faster delivery by reducing waiting time. Providers are moving towards optimizing quality and efficiency by adopting a referral management solution that can streamline administrative processes. An effective solution also resolves the problem of referral leakage, which can mean loss of revenues your practice needs. At FloatCare, we help providers be more efficient, optimize their patient care, and ensure their financial wealth. Join us as we elevate patient care higher. Schedule a demo or talk to us. All You Need To Know About Referral Management Below is a dedicated page for insightful articles on various subjects related to referral management. Our purpose is to give valuable information so that you can make informed decisions.