FloatCare a new continuity of Care.

A Software solution that makes a difference a everyday level in the medical space

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What’s our mission.

Who we are isn’t nearly as important as the mission we are on. Simply, we want to better the healthcare industry. We are not just a “software company” or trying to “replace” healthcare providers. And we are not affiliated with existing healthcare or insurance companies. This dynamic gives us a unique vantage point to view these decades-old problems from an outside perspective and lend a helping hand.
The idea for FloatCare was born in early 2019, just before the World Health Organization even began classifying “burnout” as an official medical diagnosis. Then came the Coronavirus Pandemic, which only exposed and exacerbated the logistical problems the healthcare industry faces daily.

"We believe that by improving the work-life balance for every worker, we can lower the rate of medical errors and thereby reduce burnout for millions of medical professionals."

We believe in Work-life Balance

Surely, there are other products out there that can help administrators, doctors, nurses, and support staff find a healthier work-life balance… but there aren’t.

We don't stop until you feel safe at home.

Surely, someone is taking note of how much money is wasted on training employees who don’t stay long-term because the everyday scheduling demand of their job isn’t conducive to having a partner or raising children, at an average cost of over $52,000 for each nursing position turned over…but no one is.

We strive to make you feel happy and safe.

Surely, if healthcare worker burnout was this big of a problem, we would be acknowledging it and taking steps to make the change these front-line heroes need…but most healthcare systems are only in the beginning stages of recognizing the industry’s biggest fear.

Studies have shown on any given day, 4 in 10 nurses will drive to work dreading their shift but we know the problem extends even further. Every medical worker is highly susceptible to burnout from high-level executives to the the frontline nurses. Let’s face it, healthcare can be stressful.
Taking care of these heroes who tend to thousands of patients over their life is not only good for business, it’s an ethical duty. And as more and more healthcare networks see what FloatCare does, we see our ambitions become a reality.
So yes, our goals may be lofty. But with your help, we will achieve them.
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